Zone- O

1.0 Introduction (Map at Bottom)

1.1 As per MPD – 2021 notified on 7.2.2007, the National Capital Territory of Delhi has been divided into fifteen zones (Divisions) designated ‘A’ to ‘P’ (except zone ‘I’), eight in urban Delhi (‘A’ to ‘H’), six in Urban Extension (‘J’ to ‘N’ & ‘P’) and one for River Yamuna/River front which has been designated as Zone ‘O’

1.2 The River Yamuna/ River front, Zone ‘O’ has special characteristics and ecological significance for which various studies have been conducted from time to time. As such, the Zonal Development Plan of Zone ‘O’ is conceived to set the strategies for rejuvenation of river Yamuna and eco-friendly development.

2.0 Statutory provisions and objectives

2.1 The Zonal (divisional) Plan of the area is prepared under Section-8 and processed under Section -10 and simultaneously the modification of the land uses to be processed under Section 11(A) of the Delhi Development Act, 1957.

2.2 Section-8 of the Delhi Development Act 1957 defines the contents of the Zonal Plan. As per the MPD – 2021, a Zonal Development Plan means a Plan for one of the zones (divisions) of the National Capital Territory of Delhi containing detailed information regarding provisions of social infrastructure, parks and open spaces and circulation system etc. The Zonal (Divisional) plan, details out the policies of the Master Plan.

3.0 Location, Boundaries and Area

3.1 River Yamuna enters from Palla (on north side) traverses a length of 48 km through National Capital Territory of Delhi and leaves it at Jaitpur (south side). The zone ‘O’ covers about 9700 ha area (as per MPD 2001) from Northern boundary of National Capital Territory of Delhi up to the Southern boundary of the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

The River Yamuna/ River front, Zone ‘O’ is bounded as under:

North : NCTD Boundary

South : NCTD Boundary

East : Marginal Bund and NCTD Boundary

West : Marginal Bund, Ring Road and proposed

NH-2 bypass along Agra canal

Map Zone- O

Zone- O


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