Zone- H (North West Delhi-I)



Under the Master Plan for Delhi-2021 promulgated on 07.02.2007, the National Capital Territory of Delhi is divided into 15 Planning zones out of which 8 Zones are in Urban Delhi (A to H), 6 are in Urban Extension (J to N and P) and one for river Yamuna and river front area (Zone O).  Zone ‘H’ is also known as North West Delhi-I and it covers an area of 5677 Hac.

Zone H is distinctly characterized by well planned residential localities.  This zone is situated between two major railway lines viz., railway line to Ambala in the North East and the other to Rohtak in the South West.  Prestigious TV Tower, Delhi Haat, developed parks, DDA Sports Centres with International Standards, and protected forest area namely Shalimar Bagh are some of the significant features in this zone.  Rohini Project Ph-I/II(Part) forms part of this zone, mosly in zones H-7, 8 & 9.

The boundaries of the zone are as under: –

North-East:    Railway line to Karnal, Zone-C

West: Rohini Phase-III, Zone- M

North-West:   Nangloi drain and Rithala STP, Zone-M

South-West:  Railway Line to Rohtak, Zone-G

This zone has been developing since pre independence era and through the MPD-1962, MPD-2001 and now MPD-2021. As such the zone has heterogeneous character where the unplanned areas and planned areas developed under the norms of various plans co-exist.


1.2.1 Already approved Sub-Zonal /earlier Zonal Plans in conformity with the Master Plan shall continue for the areas where the Zonal Plans have not been approved. The Zonal Plans in the form of structure plans shall be prepared within 12 months of the approval of MPD-2021.

1.2.2   The Zonal (Divisional) plan is being prepared under Section-8 and processed under Section-1O of the Delhi Development Act-1957. The modification of land use shall be processed under Section-11(A), simultaneously.

1.3       Earlier Approved Zonal Development Plans:

1.3.1   As per MPD-62 the zone had sub zones H-1 to H-8 (Annexure-I)

i)          Area under Sub Zone H-1 to H-6                   2,980.70 Hects.

ii)         Area under Sub Zone H-7 to H-9                   2,400.30 Hects.

(Rohini Ph. I&II and Mangolpuri)

Total                                                                               5,381.00 Hects.

However, as per MPD-2021 the total area of Zone ‘H’ is 5677 Hects.      (+296 Hac.)

The Zonal Plan of zone ‘H’ within the framework of MPD-2001 was approved by Govt. of India, Ministry of Urban Development vide Notification 13011/7/2006/DDIB, DT. 26.05.06.


The significant features of this Zone are:

1.4.1 Rohini Project (Phase- I & II)


‘ROHINI’ sub-city Project (Ph. I & II) was approved by DDA in1980 based on MPD-1962. It is predominantly a residential project on2497 Hac. Of land in North West Delhi within a distance of 15 Km. From Connaught Place in continuation of Shalimar Bagh and Pitampura Residential Schemes. The Area is situated along the Outer Ring Road between the two major traffic corridors- The G.T.Road with railway line To Karnal and Rohtak Road.

1.4.2 T.V. Tower & Dilli Haat

The Major points of attraction in this zone are T.V. Tower complex. The T.V. Tower Complex is in the vicinity of District green and has a dominating feature having tremendous visual and special qualities.  An organized informal eating place, casual shopping and cultural activities centre such as Dilli Haat is coming up in the complex.

1.4.3   Netaji Subhash Place Complex and Manglam Place District Centres


Netaji Subhash Place and Manglam Place District Centres are a hub of commercial activities having shopping malls, offices, hospitals etc.

1.4.4   District Parks & DDA Sports Centres


Besides, it has District Parks, Picnic huts and Orchards in Rohini Scheme. DDA Sports Centres near T.V.Tower is one of the best Sports Centre with International Standards of Sports Facilities. DDA Sports Complexes are also situated in Ashok Vihar and Rohini.

1.4.5 Shalimar Bagh

Shalimar Bagh is a protected forest falling in this zone. It is a historical garden of the Mughal period with Sheesh Mahal as a centrally protected monument under ASI.  A Tank and a Well exist adjacent to Shalimar Bagh and are under serious detrioration. These are being protected by ASI except for the well which is under joint ownership of ASI and DDA.

1.4.6 Western Yamuna Canal

The Western Yamuna Canal, running more or less parallel to Delhi Karnal Railway Line divides zone H-4 & H-5 and forms an important feature of landscape.

1.4.7 MRTS Corridor

The 1st phase of MRTS passes through the zone covering Inder Lok to Rithala. This has improved the connectivity of this zone.

1.4.8 District Courts, Rohini


District Court (3 Hac.) has been accommodated on the junction of Outer Ring Road and Road No. 41.


1.4.9   Residential Areas


Most of the Residential Areas/colonies are well planned such as Ashok Vihar, Wazirpur, Pitampura, Shalimar Bagh and various Co-operative Societies.The Housing in this zone can be divided into the following categories:

1.  Residential (Plotted & Gr.Housing) areas developed by DDA

2.  Co-op. House Building Societies in Pitampura.

3.  Co.op.Group Housing Schemes in Pitampura & Rohini ph.I&II

4.  Plotted development for Rohini Registrant Scheme-1980.

5.  Resettlement Colonies.

6.  Pre-1962 Built up Residential & Re-habilitation colonies.

7.  Unauthorised regularized Colonies.

8.  Urbanised Villages.

1.4.10 Industrial Areas

There are planned industrial areas such as Wazirpur, Lawrence Road, and Mangolpuri.  These are developed as envisaged in the Zonal plan. As per MPD-2021, the unplanned industrial areas include Shalimar Village, Haider pur Village and Rithala Village.

Map Zone- H

Zone- H


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