Zone- D (New Delhi)


Under the Master Plan for Delhi-2001, promulgated on 1.8.1990, the Union Territory of Delhi is divided into 15 Zones, out of which 8 zones are in Urban Delhi (A to H), 6 are in Urban Extension and Rural Areas (J to N and P) and one is for river and river front area (O). A zone could be divided into sub-zones.

1.1 Zone ‘D’ is mainly comprised of Lutyens Garden City and extensions. This zone is situated between river Yamuna on one side and the ridge on the other and comprises of important central areas of Delhi. MPD-2001 proposals have also underlined the importance of this Division as the most beautiful and planned national Capital area of New Delhi.


2.1 Section 8 of Delhi Development Act 1957 provides for preparation of Zonal Development Plans simultaneous with the preparation of the Master Plan or as soon as may be, the Authority shall proceed with the preparation of Zonal Development Plan for each of the zones into which Delhi may be divided. Further, a Zonal Development Plan may contain a site plan and land use plan with approximate location and extent of land uses, such as public and semi-public buildings/works utilities, roads, housing, recreation, industry, business, markets, schools, hospitals, open spaces etc. It may also specify standards of population density and various components of development of the zone.

The procedure to be followed in the preparation and approval of the Zonal Development Plan is laid down in Section 10 of the Act.

2.2 As per MPD-2001, a Zonal Development Plan means a plan for a zone (division) of the Union Territory of Delhi. The Zonal (Divisional Plan) details out the policies of the Master Plan and acts as link between the layout plan and the Master Plan. The development schemes, layout plans indicating use premises should conform the Master Plan/Zonal (Divisional) Plan.

2.3 In addition to the provisions given in Delhi Development Act and MPD-2001 with regard to the preparation of the Zonal Development Plans other broad objectives of the Zonal Development Plan are as under:


i) Keeping in view the low intensity development for maintaining tree studded character, the Bunglalow Area is (a) to be delineated (b) the development control norms to be identified (c) to specify development norms for the area/pockets adjoining to Bungalow boundary;

ii) To preserve pristine glory of the ridge and green linkages;

iii) To make provisions for compatible mixed use activities in residential use zone;

iv) To identify the historical monuments in the zone.


Zone ‘D’ is located in the south and adjacent to the historical city of Shahjahanabad and extends upto the Ring Road. In the east, it is surrounded by River Yamuna & in the west, by Paharganj, Karol Bagh, rehabilitation colonies (Rajinder Nagar) and Pusa Institute. Rashtrapati Bhawan, Parliament House, Supreme Court, Delhi High Court and the Central Government Ministries are some of the important land marks of this zone. The zone is unique having a number of historical monuments and tree-studded character. The Zone ‘D’ (Division) measures 6855 hects. And is divided into 21 sub-zones.

The following table indicates area and the status of the sub Zonal Development Plans (earlier Zonal Development Plans) formulated and proceed within the framework of Master Plan for Delhi 1962.

D-1 (Connaught Place & Extension) Approved Notified in April, 74
D-2 (Mata Sundari Area) Approved Notified in Nov., 66
D-3 (Kasturba Gandhi Marg) Approved Notified in Feb., 66 Further modifications approved by DDA on 2.6.84.
D-4 (Sansad Marg) Approved Notified in Sept.,67. Further modifications published in Oct. 80.
D-5(DIZ Area) Approved Notified in April, 67. Further modifications published in Oct. 80.
D-6 (Upper ridge Area) Draft Published on 7.11.80. Modified draft submitted to Govt. of India on 13.3.82.
D-7 (Purana Qila) Approved Notified in May, 81.
D-8,9 (India Gate & Central Sectt.) Approved Notified in Jan.,83.
D-10 (Budha jayanthi Park) Approved Notified in June,82.
D-11, 12 (Khan Market & Akbar Road) Draft Published on 25.2.67 and submitted to Govt. of India on 13.3.82.
D-13,14,21 (Chanakyapuri, Safdarjung & Sarojini Nagar) Draft Published on 25.2.67 and submitted to Govt. of India on 13.3.82.
D-15,16 (Lodhi Colony) Approved Notified in Aug.,73.
D-17,18,19,20(Nizamuddin, Jangpura, Kilokri, Lajpat Nagar & Kotla Mubarakpur.) Approved Notified in Dec.,73

Map Zone- D

Map- Zone -D- New Delhi


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