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Zone ‘B’ popularly known as Karol Bagh & City extension is located in Central West Delhi, covers an approximate area of about 2304 ha, (the sum of all sub zones areas works out to be 2274 ha.) part of it has been designated as “special Area” under MPD- 2021. Keeping in view the recommendations of MPD- 2021, the Zonal Plan for Zone B has been modified.


The zonal Development Plan of the area is prepared under Section ‘8’ to be processed under Section 10 of the Delhi Development Act, 1957. Simultaneously, the modifications of land-use shall be processed under Section 11 (A). MPD- 2021 states that in the absence of Zonal Plan of any area the development shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Master Plan.

As per the MPD- 2021, a Zonal Development Plan means a plan for one of the zones (Divisions) of the National Capital Territory of Delhi containing detailed information regarding provision of social infrastructure, parks and open spaces and circulation system, etc.

MPD-2021 further stipulates that the zonal plans shall detail out the policies of the Master Plan 2021 and act as link between the layout plan and the Master Plan. The development schemes and layout plans indicating various use premises shall conform to the Master Plan/Zonal Plans provisions.

The Zone is divided into 7 Sub-zones B-1 to B-7 (earlier named Zones). The area of Sub-zones are as under (refer Map of Sub Zones of Zone B annexed):


Sub Zone Name Area in ha.
B-1 Kishan Ganj 127.46
B-2 Karol Bagh 320.00
B-3 Rajinder Nagar 174.74
B-4 Sarai Rohila 274.18
B-5 Anand Parbat 129.35
B-6 Patel Nagar 437.36
B-7 Naraina 810.94

The Zonal Plan for Karol Bagh when approved it would supercede the earlier plan.


Planning zone “B” is located in the Central Western part of Delhi (refer Map of NCT annexed). Total area of the sum of sub zones of zone B is 2274 ha. out of which 1288 ha. is designated as Special Area in MPD 2021 and the balance 986 ha. is other than Special Area.

Map Zone- B

zone - B


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