Zone- A (Old City)


As per the Master Plan for Delhi- 2021, notified on 07.02.07 the National Capital Territory of Delhi has been divided into 15 zones from A to H and J to P, of which 8 Zones are in the urban area, one in Riverbed and remaining 6 in the rural area. The zones K & P are subdivided into two part zones. The designated Special Area in MPD 2021 comprises of zone A (Walled city), Zone A (Other than Walled City) and Zone B.

i) WALLED CITY: ( Sub-Zones A-13 to A-27 & Sub-zone C-1 Part)

Walled City, an Old built up and historic area, has a special character and therefore, zonal Plan for the same has been prepared separately.

ii) OTHER THAN WALLED CITY (Sub-Zone A-1 to A-12).

Other than Walled City area also has a special character and therefore a separate zonal plan has been prepared. The area of the Zone is 559.13 hacts. and the population is 2.44 lacs as per MPD 2001.


2.1 The zonal Development Plan of the area is prepared under Section ‘8’ to be processed under Section 10 of the Delhi Development Act, 1957. Simultaneously, the modifications of land-use shall be processed under Section 11 (A). MPD- 2021 states that in the absence of zonal plan of any area the development shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Master Plan.

2.2 As per the MPD- 2021, a zonal Development plan means a plan for one of the zones (Divisions) of the National Capital Territory of Delhi containing detailed information regarding provision of social infrastructure, parks and open spaces and circulation system, etc.

2.3 MPD-2021 further stipulates that the zonal plans shall detail out the policies of the Master Plan 2021 and act as link between the layout plan and the Master Plan. The development schemes and layout plans indicating various use premises shall conform to the Master Plan/Zonal Plans provisions.

2.4 The Zone is divided into 12 Sub-zones A-1 to A-12 (earlier named zones). Status of approval of Sub-zonal plans and the Sub-Zone wise area is given in Table 1:

Table 1: sub-zone wise area and status

Sub Zone Name of Area Area in Ha.
A-1 Pahar Ganj 48.68
A-2 Pahar Ganj 38.05
A-3 Aram Bagh 29.42
A-4 Jhandewalan Extn 28.25
A-5 New Delhi Railway. Station & Surroundings 140.00
A-6 Qadam Sharif 70.00
A-7 Motia Khan 45.33
A-8 Jhandewalan 30.04
A-9 Sadar Bazar 25.59
A-10 Bara Hindu Rao 54.40
A-11 Chamelian Road 15.37
A-12 Azad Market 34.00
  Total 559.13 Ha.


The Zonal Plan of Zone-A (Other than Walled City) when approved will supercede the earlier Plans.


3.1. Zone-A (Other than Walled City) is part of the Old City and located in Central Delhi and encircled by the boundaries of Walled City-part of Zone-A in the East, Zone-C in the North, Zone B in the West and Zone-D in the South.

3.2. The total area of the zone works out to 559.13 ha. and is designated as Special Area as per MPD 2021.


Map- Zone A

zone- A


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