The 3Ds of transit developments

The 3Ds of transit developments

TODs are best characterised by high population density, diverse housing formats and minimum distance from the Metro

The main characteristics of TOD are best described with the 3Ds. These include (high) density, diversity (of formats) and distance (from transportation facility such as a metro).

For the Sanjay Lake project located in Mayur Vihar area, DDA has suggested twin corporate towers, a park and studio apartments

Besides the population, a TOD should include diverse income groups and multiple residential and commercial formats. It ought to be a mixed land use development and the distance from the transit too has to be minimum. The Navi Mumbai development is a transit adjacent development (TAD) but not a TOD.

The Karkardooma project will be the first TOD in the country and if executed well, will set a trend, says Amit Bhatt, EMBARQ – WRI.

It will be a game changer for the entire country if it is executed in the right manner. The Karkardooma corridor development is a greenfield development and therefore acquiring land is not an issue. If it ends up making a substantial difference to the quality of environment which a TOD zone is expected to provide, it will trigger an interest for TODs, he adds.

The biggest challenge going forward is how cities translate the TOD concept into action and ensure that it does not end up becoming yet another real estate project where every inch of space is a means to make a fast buck and generate revenue, say city planners.

Redeveloping land in other corridors proposed in Chapter 19 on transit oriented developments in Master Plan 2021 may be a challenge though.

It will be a challenge wherever amalgamation of land is required and wherever land ownership is fragmented. The major hurdle faced in other corridors will involve rehabilitating people. But wherever DDA has unencumbered ownership of land there will be no problem in executing a TOD project, says Ramesh Menon of Certes Realty.

A model that is successfully followed in Gujarat is the town planning scheme where infrastructure is developed by the government around a land pool and the remaining land is given back to the owners. After creation of new infrastructure, the value of the land is higher and it is up to the owners to construct new dwelling units or sell the land at a higher price. There is no transfer of cash in the entire transaction. This model will work very well in a TOD, says Bhatt.

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