Online Tracker of Your Suggestion on MPD-2021

Online Tracker of Your Suggestion on MPD-2021


 The Delhi Development Authority has made it open for people to put their suggestion on Delhi Master Plan 2021. As a result of this invitation, DDA has already received 45,000 suggestions from the various public sources like; individuals, organizations and resident welfare association.

The entity, whose suggestion has been received by DDA, would be able to track their suggestion progression over the internet. The entire database of this will be based on software which will be linked with the DDA official site. This step has been taken to bring better transparency and greater public participation. The software system is likely to be launched next month – confirmed a senior DDA officer.

The software- Master Plan Delhi 2021 Review suggestion Management System  – will consolidate the entire 45,000 suggestions by the public. This is primarily being done so that DDA can give a desired shape to the relevant suggestions it has received. As of now, DDA is reviewing all those suggestion it has received through the open session at each zone. The hierarchy of the process is after receiving the suggestions from the public; it has gone through management group discussion for scrutinizing and after scrutiny it would go to the advisory group for taking the ultimate decision of approval or rejection of those inputs. It is expected that the review session would be adjourned by the end of July.

Although DDA has acknowledged 45,000 inputs from the public but some of them are very locality specific and irrelevant to the MPD 2021. 40 valuable suggestions has already passed and approved for amendments in the MPD.

Through this software one can track or keep an eye on movement of their suggestion whether is it accepted or not, if it in under review session then who are reviewing them and all sort of details.    


By Priyanka Das, 29 March 2013, New Delhi

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