Knowledge Based Industries Parks – MPD 2021

Knowledge Based Industries Parks – MPD 2021

Ramesh Menon

New Delhi

13th Oct’ 2014


“Achche din” finally seems to be dawning on the industries in Delhi. Or, should I say “a common sense approach” being pursued by the multiple authorities & agencies of Delhi.

If one may recollect, there were moves to make DSIIDC the captain of Industrial growth of Delhi, and there was special emphasis for the growth of Soft Industries, OR, Knowledge based industries. New Industrial estates like Kanjhawala, Ranikhera & Baprola were touted as the absorption centre for the knowledge resources being churned by Delhi colleges & Universities. There was also the proposal to short the ownership of 27 industrial areas to DSIIDC, by the MCD.

The Delhi government now wants the Delhi development authority (DDA) to expand the list of activities for which licensing is required in Delhi. The Industry secretary & CMD, DSIIDC Mr. Amit Yadav seems amenable to paving the way for faster development of KBI Parks in Delhi. His assertions came during the recent roundtable on “Ease of doing business in Delhi” under the aegis of PHD chamber of commerce & Industry.

Under the IndustrialPolicy of delhi 2010-2021, the following are the classification of Knowledge based Industries. (KBI)

–               Software Industry

–               IT service Industry

–               ITES Industry

–               Media

–               Biotechnology

–               R & D and design

–               Business services (provided remotely)

–               Educational services

“It is strange that the DDA & DSIIDC were not on the same page concerning the Industrial development of Delhi, more so, knowing fully well the finite nature of land available for economic activities in Delhi. The recent thrust from the PMO concerning employment generation & skill based growth of economic activities, Delhi seems poised for a thrust in it’s GDP” ~ avers Ramesh Menon, Director Certes Realty Ltd, an expert organisation on MPD 2021. 

“DDA is now inclined to revise its earlier stand and willing to expand the industry list. That is why the industry department has begun drafting a fresh proposal asking DDA to do the desired job with the LG’s approval,” Yadav said.

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