Housing Strategy by MPD – 2021

Housing Strategy by MPD – 2021

Date: 2nd September,                                                                                           Gloria Ganguly

Ensuring shelter for all has been the policy of MPD -2021. The aim is to ensure effective housing and shelter options for all citizens either on rental or ownership basis.

Development of new housing areas, re-densification and up gradation of existing housing areas including housing in villages, unauthorized colonies are on the row of the proposal of housing strategy. The limited availability of land and increasing demands in housing sector, plotted residential would be discouraged with an encouragement of small dwelling units.

A multi-pronged housing strategy has been proposed for provisioning of housing stock and for delivery of serviced land which would involve the private sectors, public agencies and co-operative societies. DDA in collaboration with GNCTD and other agencies would meet up the overall responsibility for provision of land and facilitation of adequate housing to meet the projected demand.

In the new and existing areas – land use zoning, planning norms, density, building controls and FAR have been reviewed for housing. In every five years DDA would review the norms and control to meet the requirements of the citizens.

It is essential to optimize utilization of land and space with a view to increasing net residential density in the context of housing strategy. It has been observed that the practice of prescribing FAR / density norms without distinguishing between housing categories in terms of base area that can result in over population or under population on one hand, and on the other – non-optimal design and under-utilization of the utility network. The norms should provide options to achieve the density and FAR both in Ground plus 3 or 4 storied walk-up structures. A fixed density could lead to under utilization of FAR or imposition of artificial limits to finest use of land, which is a scarce commodity. Hence, the following density norms, with corresponding category of dwelling unit (DU) sizes are proposed EWS housing up to 30 sq.m – 600 DUs/Ha, in Category I it is above 30-upto 40 sq.m. – 500 DUs/Ha, Category II is above 40-upto 80 sq.m. – 250 DUs/Ha, Category III is above 80 sq.m – 175 DUs/Ha.

Relaxation on the density and other norms in consultation with DDA for public housing and projects of national importance may be done by the Central Government.

The permissible number of dwelling units will be as prescribed for different plot sizes given in the development controls in the case of plotted development. In case of Bungalow area in zone D any residential density in group housing pockets shall be prescribed on the basis of detailed scheme. In the Civil Lines development controls for group housing shall be as prescribed in the Zonal Development Plan of zone ‘C’ in the Bungalow Area.

Mr. Ajay Dabas of Certes Realty affirms that the choice of alternative building materials and techniques have to be reoriented and promoted for construction activity to make the construction activity more environment friendly. For new housing areas and redevelopment schemes building technology parks and mobile expositions for cost effective materials and techniques are to be explored. Government Schedule may also include standard specifications and may be adopted for public buildings and housing schemes.



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