Housing in Delhi – Are pipe dreams being sold?

The Delhi government announced the creation of 27000 housing units in Savda-Ghevra, recently.

Is this another pipe dream being sold to the voter class, or can this be a reality.

If DDA hasnt been able to create adequate housing stock over the past 4 decades, can the DUSIB achieve this target?

How about the finished stock in areas like Bawana-Narela, Bakkarwala & Baprola? Merely creating housing stock, with no takers. Is this another indication of the poor quality in Delhi?

Your thoughts on this debate?

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One Response to “Housing in Delhi – Are pipe dreams being sold?”

  1. Kajol Singh says:

    The first challenge for the government of the day is to create opportunities of employment, where they plan to create shelter. No one would move into a desolate, stand alone colony. People these days like to live closer to their work place.

    Second challenge is to complete the project on time, without any cost escalations.

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