Healthy Property Market for Delhi-NCR, 2013

Healthy Property Market for Delhi-NCR, 2013

Despite a 22% dip in real estate market compared to the first half of financial year 2011-12, financial year 2012-13 is showing a significant and consistent potential of real estate property demand.
The rising in prices of property and the high interests are the major concern for the investors, as it has been noticed that unsold real estate inventories are showing an upward trend. The Delhi-NCR market is been proved to be a market predominated by investors, as the residential and commercial property demand exhibits a strong existence. The realty market of Gurgaon has shown 33% of total property launches units in entire Delhi-NCR.

The experts have already forecasted that the second half would be more advantageous for investors to invest in Delhi-NCR property market, while the investors are keener to invest in international and domestic retail space or building up township.

Despite many obstacles in this sector like land agitation, delayed projects and high interest faced in last year, the inclination of investors are still on burning fire in the Delhi-NCR region. Gurgaon and the surroundings are demonstrating the ultimate destination of real estate investment. Dwarka- expressway has been acting as an active enzyme to this zeal.

Moreover, it is expected that the involvement of FDI and stretching of ‘external commercial borrowing’ would hopefully widened up the expansion of current real estate market and a significant growth in retail and residential segment in 2013.

By Priyanka Das, 25 February 2013, New Delhi



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