Govt. prompts builders to ‘Go Green’

Govt. prompts builders to ‘Go Green’

Date: 3rd July 2013
Anamika Joshi

DDA brings gifts to builders adopting the green policy

The recently revealed Master Plan Delhi 2021, a manuscript of where the capital envisions being in the year 2021, has brought in a pleasant surprise for Real Estate developers.
According to some reliable sources, The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has put forward a proposal to allow 1-5% extra floor area ratio and ground coverage to green buildings.

While traditionally, high-end housing societies and apartment buildings have been more luxurious in design and construction of their units, recently the Government has been urging developers to adopt a greener outlook.

These include a proper sewage and water treating system through which water can be re-used. It would include the provision of the buildings having dual pipe systems, with one line for portable water and another for wastewater that can be used for gardening, carwash or for cooling towers. Shades, atriums and enclosures would be encouraged under the new ruling. Another aspect that will have an impact on it would be the waste segregation methods of the buildings. The buildings will need separate dustbins for dry and wet garbage.

Recyclable waste would have to be treated properly. The capacity to create biogas from sewage will be discussed in a meeting of the officials.

Mr. Ramesh Menon, CEO Certes Realty says “This is great news for builders who are already practicing and implementing these little adjustments in their architectural designs. I think this would act as a positive reinforcement for those who are already using Green methods, as well as encourage others to join.”

The move, however, will become costly for someone who would just try to reap the benefits without implementing the changes. “This will keep everyone on their toes and make sure nobody makes unfair use of the system”, adds Mr. Menon.

The final decisions regarding the policy will be taken by DDA and the concerned authorities when they meet to discuss further implications and scope of the law.

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