FAR for housing and hospitals raised

FAR for housing and hospitals raised

Date: 6th September, 2013                                                                                     Gloria Ganguly

Delhi Development Authority n this Thursday relaxed the FAR (floor area ratio) to promote healthcarehousing and industry in the city. DDA agreed to increase FAR of hospitals from 200 to 375.

Plots located on roads less than 24m wide, a FAR of 250 is now allowed, while for plots located on roads that are 24-30m wide, FAR will be 300. FAR of 375 will be allowed for roads that are 30m or more wide. All the proposals will be sent to the urban development ministry for final approval. 

Mr. Ramesh Menon, the Director of Certes Realty Ltd. said that the additional space in the form of podium parking will be provided and facilities like staff dining facility, staff changing room, radiology labs in the basement etc will not be counted while calculating FAR. 

Modification to the definition of hotel operations was also made to include hotels running smaller operations. ‘Hotel’ will henceforth mean “premises having minimum 10 let table rooms for lodging and boarding of 15 persons on short/long term basis”. 

The activities which have been proposed to be permitted are service apartments, hotels, health club, banquet/conference facilities, discotheque, swimming pool, restaurant, food courts, residential units (with or without transfer of ownership rights) retail and commercial offices with service shops to be restricted to 30% of floor area. The ground coverage permitted has been increased from 30% to 40% for industries undergoing re-construction on plots of 1,000sqm. For small housing units, an enhanced FAR of 225 instead of 150 has been proposed. 




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