MPD- 2021 Experts



“Experts are none but who spot the obvious,

unafraid to let be if not found worth!

They work towards the opportunity to work for the client,

Rather than the other way around”


About the facilitators assisting in Land acquisition under the Delhi master plan MPD 2021

Certes Realty Ltd. is a REAL ESTATE CONSULTING company based out of the New Delhi-NCR, headquartered is Gurgaon, and has site offices / affiliate land acquisition offices in the various zones of Delhi.

Certes Realty Ltd. for the scope limited to the master plan of Delhi, recognises that multi-billion dollar investments would be sought, and invested, under the MPD 2021. It is also recognized that individual and institutional investors would seek to invest in the Delhi master plan in land, projects, and infrastructure provided their entry level barriers are minimal, and that they get the best quality service and assistance. In the same endeavour, a senior level team comprising of executives with IPC experience, financial & PE world, land aggregators and brokerage business has been constituted. Our team have been part of transactions of more than 1000 acres of land, under the master plan of Delhi MPD 2021.


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