DDA to make farmers aware of land-pooling policy

DDA to make farmers aware of land-pooling policy

With a mandate to undertake urbanisation through its land pooling policy, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) will be coordinating with various agencies to impart training and spread awareness among farmers whose land may fall under the land pooling policy in Delhi. The policy is set to be notified by the Central government soon.

According to the 2021 Delhi Master Plan, the DDA has been mandated to undertake urbanisation of about 20,000 hectares of land, which can accommodate a population of about five million, through this policy.

These agencies could be either NGOs or private bodies who have the requisite knowledge on the issue of land.

Under this policy, officials said the private sector would be responsible for assembling land which would then be made available to the DDA for redevelopment.

The department will be responsible for the overall planning and redevelopment of the land in a time-bound manner while encouraging the participation of the private sector.

The redevelopment could range from constructing group-housing societies and providing infrastructure to the farmers.

“We have noticed that about 50 to 60 per cent of the farmers in the state are not aware of the policy. Therefore, we have decided to develop a strategy wherein farmers can be educated and can participate in the development process to avail the benefits of the policy for their prosperity,” a senior DDA official said.

Explaining the concept further, the official said, “There is a need to consult agencies which can spread awareness about the policy and encourage interested farmers to provide their land for redevelopment. For instance, in case a farmer is willing to give about 10 acres of land we may develop 48 per cent of it and the remaining may be utilised for infrastructural development like construction of roads. The farmers should be willing if the policy is explaining properly, since land lies under-utilised in many areas. The barren land may be used for better purposes which will only profit the farmers.”

The official said that the agencies’ job would be mainly to interact with farmers at the village level and spread awareness, and assist them in applying for the policy through proper documentation.

Source: Indian Express
Dated: 7th April 2015

Category : MPD-2021 News

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