DDA to Build One Lakh Affordable Houses Every Year

DDA to Build One Lakh Affordable Houses Every Year

The Urban development Minister Kamal Nath notified on Tuesday, keeping the rising population of the capital in mind and the scarcity of houses amongst lower middle class under consideration, DDA will build one lakh houses for EWS (Economically Weaker Section) in Delhi. The Consultative Committee Meeting has taken place on 11th of this month.
The highlighted area of concern was that more that 40 lakh people in Delhi live in unauthorized colonies. To prevent the further spreading slum areas in the capital and maintain the global standardization, regularization of unauthorized colonies and building up more and more affordable authorized housing is crucial. In the recent year government has already regularized 971 unauthorized colonies in Delhi.
As Delhi is exhausted horizontally, it can’t be expanded beyond borders, the vertical expansion of housing sector is the solution to control housing scarcity. The land use pattern is very important. The minister has also referred Delhi Master Plan 2021 to explain the importance of dynamic documentation and periodically review of this project. Recently the review of MPD 2021 has taken place where 4300 valuable suggestions have been considered.
The meeting has other agenda behind the construction of one lakh affordable houses per year, the second most viable objective is to earn revenue. This housing project can be utilized as apartments and DDA can also rent these houses for marriage halls. To nourish its primary concern, the ministry has also suggested that DDA will provide barracks or hutments for migrated labour, avoiding enhancement of any further slum areas.   

By Priyanka Das, March 14, 2013, New Delhi.

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