DDA proposes for studio and service apartments

DDA proposes for studio and service apartments

Dated: 9th August 2013
Gloria Ganguly

Time changes and hence changes the world around us. Finally, Delhi got the approval to build Studio and Service apartments.

DDA’s proposal on the MPD – 2021 has received the authority’s approval for studio and service apartments and is seeking public’s suggestions and objections.
“The demands for these kinds of apartments are increasing daily. In this expensive market, who will not aspire to own a house in an affordable price? Economical housing has become a trend in many countries; a glimpse of that demand can also be noted in Delhi as well. ’’ Quoted the Director of Certes Realty – Mr. Ajay Dabas.

The proposal implies that studio apartments will be providing residential accommodation to individuals or families in the form of multi – purpose rooms whereas service apartments for long and short term accommodation would be allowed in industrial, semi-public, transport oriented development and commercial grounds.

Upto 10% of the floor area could be used for various purposes like dining, retail shops, caretaker’s office, suites and many other supporting facilities.

According to a senior DDA official,  the studio apartments which can be used for housing domestic helps or for individuals or small families would be taken up as in group housing societies or projects by developers. These types of apartments are not part of the existing MPD.

Plots allotted for these apartments should consist of a combined area which would not be less than 2000 sq meters with the ground coverage of 33% and a FAR (floor area ratio) of 200.

The utmost size of the apartment should be 60 sq meters. The location of the plots should be road facing with a width of 12 meters and a compulsory parking space.

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