DDA invites public participation to modify MPD 2021

DDA invites public participation to modify MPD 2021


DDA (Delhi Development Authority) has invited public suggestions and objections for modifications in Master Plan 2021 (MPD – 2021) which includes high rise buildings also.

According to the notification, buildings which are taller than 15m (without stilt) and 17.5m (including stilt) in all use zones will be considered as high rise buildings. The present Master plan has no provision for high rise buildings. The notice further states that rooftops will be allowed to be used for construction of landscaping, swimming pool and related structures. New modifications have been introduced for the changes in the definition of hotel. For this modification, public suggestions and objections have been invited. The premise of the hotel room has been revised. According to the revision, a minimum of 10 rooms should be available for lodging and boarding of 15 persons or more on short/long-term basis can be afforded.

The scope of activities permitted in hotels has been widened to include service apartments and residential units with or without transfer of ownership rights. Retail, service shops and commercial offices, have been increased from 20% to 30% of floor area in hotels.

The Floor Area Ratio (FAR) in an international convention center has been increased from 120 to 250 whereas the ground coverage has also been increased from 30% to 60%. If, the convention center is being constructed in plots of 4 hectares or more, the FAR shall be reduced by 10% and ground coverage by 5% for every 10 hectare increase. Minimum limit for FAR shall be 120% and ground coverage will be 30%. Hotels and related activities have been allowed in 40% of floor area.

If the public has any suggestion or objection, they can respond to the notice within a period of 45 days. Mr. Ajay Dabas of Certes Realty feels that this has been a user friendly step taken by DDA to ensure maximum participation by public.

Specific heritage complexes within the Walled City of Shahjahanabad and Lutyens’ Bungalow Zone have been nominated by the government for inscription as ‘Imperial Cities of Delhi in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Cities’. A proposal for the modification has been placed to be inserted in the chapter conservation of built heritage in the Master Plan.

Vocational training centers such as IT/polytechnic have been allowed on individual residential plots of 1,000 square meters and above.

Dated: 10th October 2013
By Gloria Ganguly

Category : MPD-2021 News

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