DDA to implement land pooling policy soon

DDA to implement land pooling policy soon

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S Chand

July 11, 2014 at 6:19 pm

The Vice Chairman has declared that DDA has 14,000 acres of land ( 5,600 Hectares) of land which has been freed from encroachment. Besides this there is a huge area of Nazul land. At the same time the total urbanizable land in Zone P-II has been computed as 6270 hectares i.e. only 670 hectares more than the freed encroached land! Whereas the DDA is bent upon implementing a pipe dream of Land Pooling(which has already been declared as a scam) they have no plans of consolidating this huge area of land with them and going ahead with the housing schemes for the poor. Is it only so that land pooling will’fetch’ them almost 50% of the land without having to pay compensation or underhand amounts? The VC must be dreaming if he thinks that such a dream can be realized.

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