DDA to implement land pooling policy soon

DDA to implement land pooling policy soon

Delhi Development Authority Vice-Chairman Balvinder Kumar joined the Department this March following a stint at the Noida Development Authority. The 1981-batch IAS officer from Uttar Pradesh cadre brings with him rich experience in the area of land development. The officer tells Kritika Sharma his plans and the new policies he is all set to implement with the coming of the new BJP government at the Centre:

What is your priority as the DDA Vice-Chairman?

My priority is to ensure a speedy delivery system for the common man, who has various expectations from the DDA.

The DDA had approved the land pooling policy in unoccupied land a year ago, but has still not implemented the same.

We are going to implement the land pooling policy within a month. In fact, we are in the process of preparing a presentation for the land pooling policy and will present it before the new government. Through the land pooling policy, which has several elements of public private partnership, landowners, including farmers, can form consortiums and tie-up with private builders or banks to consolidate their land parcels and then develop the land according to the zonal plans that have been approved as part of the Delhi Master Plan-2021 (MPD-2021).

Conversion of property from leasehold to freehold is a major problem for the people. What is the DDA doing to simplify the process?

We are going to announce a new policy related to conversion of properties within 15 days. The scheme will ensure that conversions take place in a smooth manner. In addition to this, we have also uploaded a video on our website explaining the procedure of conversion of property from leasehold to freehold. The video can be accessed by clicking the link — Freehold /Nagrik Suvidha — on the homepage of the website.

The video gives details of the form that which has to be filled by the direct allottees and the form for the occupants of DDA flats having acquired property on ‘Power of Attorney’ and on ‘Agreement to Sell’ basis. It also gives all other information regarding documentation, essentials, etc., and how one can apply online.

Are you going to hold another camp to simplify the process of property conversion?

We will hold a camp at the DDA headquarters in Vikas Bhavan soon. We will hire young professionals who are not from the Department to assist people with their doubts and queries related to conversion of property. Also, we have started three centres in Rohini, Dwarka and Laxmi Nagar where the residents can get their work done.

How much of DDA land is presently encroached upon? What are you doing to get it released?

Till 2007, around 14,000 acre of DDA land was encroached upon all over Delhi, but we managed to free most of that land. Right now, around 1,000 acres is encroached upon and we are trying to get that freed as well. However, there has been no fresh encroachment on DDA land after 2007.

Source; The Hindu
Dated: 27th May 2014



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S Chand

July 11, 2014 at 6:19 pm

The Vice Chairman has declared that DDA has 14,000 acres of land ( 5,600 Hectares) of land which has been freed from encroachment. Besides this there is a huge area of Nazul land. At the same time the total urbanizable land in Zone P-II has been computed as 6270 hectares i.e. only 670 hectares more than the freed encroached land! Whereas the DDA is bent upon implementing a pipe dream of Land Pooling(which has already been declared as a scam) they have no plans of consolidating this huge area of land with them and going ahead with the housing schemes for the poor. Is it only so that land pooling will’fetch’ them almost 50% of the land without having to pay compensation or underhand amounts? The VC must be dreaming if he thinks that such a dream can be realized.

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