Centre notifies land pooling norms

Centre notifies land pooling norms

NEW DELHI: Taking the city a step closer to another housing boom, the Union urban development ministry notified operational guidelines for implementing the land pooling policy on Tuesday.The policy itself was notified one-and-a-half years ago and its implementation will help Delhi Development Authority (DDA) obtain land for housing without getting mired in the lengthy land acquisition process.

Although DDA hopes to implement the policy in the next two months, it will have to wait for the Delhi government to notify 95 villages as development areas. Before that, the government has to declare 89 of these villages as urbanized. “The file in this regard is with the government.The lieutenant governor has asked it to expedite the process,” said a DDA official. Most of the villages are in west, southwest and north Delhi.

DDA officials say the policy will make it possible to build 24 lakh to 25 lakh housing units. “DDA has not acquired any land in the city in the past decade due to the stringent provisions of the Land Acquisition Act. It is a time-consuming process.This policy helps us develop infrastructure without ac quiring land,” said Balvinder Kumar, vice-chairperson of the agency .

The policy favours those who provide DDA with larger land parcels. On contributing 2-20 hectares, the owners will be compensated with plots measuring 48% of the original. For 20 hectares or more, he compensatory plots will measure 60% of the original.The owners will be able to build residential, commer cial, public and semi-public facilities on these alternative plots (see box).

The alternative land will be allotted through a computerized process, and those who apply first will be given pref erence. If a group contributes land, DDA will have no role in splitting up the compensation among its members. “We will plan the area’s development and accordingly allot land. There will be no manual intervention, though the department will follow a policy of first-come-first-serve.Those who apply in the first month will be eligible for prime plots,” said Kumar.

DDA will collect external development charges (Rs 2 crore per acre) for building infrastructure from the land contributors, and for the first ti me there is a clause to penalize it for missing deadlines.”In case we fail to develop basic infrastructure before the completion of projects by developer entities, we will pay them 2% of the external development charges in the first year and 3% in the successive years,” said Kumar. EDC will be waived if the contributors surrender 8% of their alternative plots.

The housing and commercial projects will have to be developed within seven years of getting the alternative plots, but more time will be given on payment of a penalty . The government will allow 15% extra floor-area ratio for construction of houses for the economically weaker sections, and DDA will buy half of these at a predetermined rate.

Source: Times of India
Dated: 27th May 2015


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