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No sanction needed to build small house

NEW DELHI: In a move that would bring huge relief to applicants seeking approval of building plans, the norms have been simplified and rationalized to cut down red tape and corruption. While small residential plots of size up to 100 sq metres have be

Knowledge Based Industries Parks – MPD 2021

Ramesh Menon New Delhi 13th Oct’ 2014   “Achche din” finally seems to be dawning on the industries in Delhi. Or, should I say “a common sense approach” being pursued by the multiple authorities & agencies of Del

GREEN BELT IN DELHI – Is the excitement misplaced?

Ramesh Menon   The authorities displayed amazing alacrity & brusqueness during the past one-year while dealing with the Farm Houses in Delhi, both existing & the fresh supply. Agreed, the Farmhouse policy was christened ‘Country Homes


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