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Realty Regulator – Paving Way For Fair Deals

By Vinod Behl The proposed Real Estate Regulator cleared by the Indian Parliament and aided by reforms, will empower and protect property buyers and investors, paving the way for more organised, fair, credible and transparent property transactions, t

Brief history of Farmhouses in Delhi

There never existed a policy for the organised development of the Farmhouses in Delhi. Most existing farmhouses mushroomed over the past four decades. There is a policy now, which not just recognises Farmhouses as a separate product category, but als

Ill thought out LDRA policy of Delhi

There can’t be anything more ill-thought that the LDRA policy of Delhi. (More popularly known as the Farmhouse policy of Delhi). Just to trace the history of this policy. It was hastily drawn up on the very last mile of the UPA govt, in 2013. Remem

UNITECH FALLOUT- Developers in the dock

Consumers empowerment & Courts activism to pave way for sustainable realty The high-profile Unitech case in which the senior functionaries of the group ended up spending a night in Tihar Jail for non-compliance with consumer court orders and for

Realty headed for slow and prolonged revival

Real Estate Outlook : By Vinod Behl The hopes of an early turnaround of the beleaguered real estate sector, kindled by the installation of a stable, reform- oriented  government, headed by Narendra Modi, were belied last year.The fund- starved secto

High Five :Hot Marketing Trends in Real Estate

By Vinod Behl In a bid to push up sales and generate revenues, debt- ridden, cash- strapped developers struggling to clear huge inventories of homes have resorted to select, customised and innovative marketing initiatives.Judging from their considera

Conserve Human Lives too, not merely Trees

By Dr Udit Raj (MP- North West Delhi) I write this at a time when the entire world is debating conservation of the environment, at Paris, whether development needs be compromised, OR, we aggressively pursue the agenda of protection of the environment

Is it time to critically re-look at our Urbanization?

By Dr. Udit Raj Last week the Office of Registrar General of India released some startling data concerning about 20 crores of the Indian workforce. This data, although about the travel pattern of the workforce, also has a reflection on the urbanizati

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