Castles in the air as land pooling waits

Castles in the air as land pooling waits

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November 23, 2015 at 12:28 pm

Hello all,

Great Article and an eye opener for investors.

In my previous comments on various forums, I have been repeatedly asking people to be aware of the frauds which have been running in L zone. Please go through various links on youtube as well where in reporters have interviewed many farmers where in they accept that builders are paying them 25000-40000 per month just to keep their marketing board in their farm lands.

Please do a hardcore verification of such builders and their claims. Please be alert if the property consultant and builder claims following points.
1. Exact Land parcel where the project will come up.
2. Exact time frame when the project will be delivered.
3. The nearby developments adjacent to the area of development.
4. Exact Proximity to airport / metro station / Shopping complexes / colleges / Aiims2 etc.
5. Date of Start of construction.

Please don’t be mislead.

Happy investing.

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