Can land pooling policy make Delhi a ‘smart’ city?

Can land pooling policy make Delhi a ‘smart’ city?

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S Chand

December 21, 2014 at 2:53 pm

What a rosy picture! If it were all that simple then why the delay?
In fact the concept is seriously flawed. That is why it has NOT been implemented. Why should farmers ‘surrender’ 60% of their holdings to DDA to develop the same at the owners’ cost? What is DDA’s requirement of land? The LARR Act of 2013 does NOT allow any of these activities. No doubt developers (Builders) will be the benificiaries and enjoy the spoils along with DDA officials who will be approving allotment of lands to them. It is the begining of the mother of all scams. Imagin the cost of 65,000 hectares or 65,00,00,000 square meters of developed land @ Rs 2.00 lacs per square meters (being DDA’s reserved price for developed land) of developed land; only about Rs 13,00,00,00,00,00,000/-. So forget about any equality. The farmers/landowners are the true owners of the land. So land pooling is a pipe dream. If the Govt. has the guts then they should acquire the land at four times the market value or let the farmers develop the land as per a laid down and approved plan (MPD 2021)themselves or in collaboration with financiers/builders. After all is this model not being applied in redevelopment of existing properties?
We also want development. WE want it to be put on fast track. But we will not allow ourselves to be high-jacked.

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