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    Land pooling agencies in DDA to accelerate pooling in Delhi

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    The DDA recently had a pre-bid conference in their ITO office, where they had invited prospective land pooling agencies to understand the key elements of the assignments, and the commercial aspects of it.

    It was chaired by the Senior Directors from the planning team, who briefed everyone on the intent of the appointment, as well as the key capabilities that they are looking for in the candidates.

    DDA in it’s bid document had observed that almost 50-60% of the land is still with the farmers, and that they are not fully aware of the policies. In order to ensure success for the land pooling policy, there is a need to educate the farmers on the various positive aspects of the policy.

    These empowered agencies are expected to assist DDA in reaching out to the villagers, hold education camps in their respective villages, where DDA officials would go and interact with he farmers & hand over literature on the benefits.

    The agencies would also be trained to assist the land owner in filing the necessary documents with the DDA.

    DDA clarified that the farmers can directly approach DDA and don’t have to come mandatorily through the agencies. However, the local agencies can be facilitators for documentation & education, and any financial arrangement would be between the farmer & agency. DDA only interest would be that proper land pool documents are submitted.

    This looks like another positive step forward.

    Challenges to land pooling in Delhi

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    From our experience, there are three levels of challenges that are envisaged for land pooling in Delhi.

    They are :

    1. Policy level

    2. Revenue & local departments level

    3. The local land owner level

    I have written a detailed analysis for DDA, which can be requisitioned by any interested reader by writing in to me. I can be reached on



    Does Delhi really need 1.6 million homes?

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    I overheard an interesting discussion yesterday, between Mr. Sudhir Krishna, former Urban development secretary, and Mr. Ramesh Menon, Director of Certes Realty Ltd.

    Their topic of debate was whether Delhi demand of residential homes, which is being forecasted at 1.6 million, is a correct number or not. One part of the debate feels that there vacancy rate in Delhi currently stands @ 11%. It essentially means that of the total households currently in Delhi, almost 11% are empty, locked.

    Why are so many homes locked? Is it because of the Delhi rent act that people dont want to give their homes on rent? Is it the insecurity of the house owners about illegal occupation by the tenants?

    There is serious inequity in Delhi. There is one category / group of people who have more than one house under their name, while the more deserving are not able to afford to buy even one.

    I was promised by both gentlemen to widen this debate, and be part of their next session


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